Advantages of renting heavy equipment

What are my advantages of heavy equipment rental?
Let’s face it, running a construction company is not easy and cost can add up really quickly. If you aren’t using a piece of equipment 60-70% of the time then renting equipment may be a better option. Renting construction equipment can be cost effective by allowing you to only pay for use vs paying for a piece of equipment to just sit there waiting for it’s next job while it deprecates.

A view of a heavy equipment rental yard
A1 Equipment Rentals Equipment yard in Reedley Ca.

Renting equipment saves you on overall maintenance cost and time, a dedicated Heavy Equipment Rental Company such as A1 Equipment rentals in Reedley Ca., makes sure all equipment rented is at its peak operating capacity by keeping it maintained.

In the example of A1 Equipment Rentals, they have a team of mechanics specialized and focused on just heavy equipment maintenance and repairs.

When does it make sense to rent heavy equipment

  1. Project Scope?

    What is your projects value and what equipment do you need?

  2. How long do you need the equipment for?

    How long will you need certain equipment for?

  3. Do your other projects or job sites require the same piece of equipment?

    Do more than 60% of your jobs or total time require the same piece of equipment?

  4. Call a heavy equipment rental company.

    Get a quote for a piece of equipment for your needs

  5. Do your math.

    Do your financials add up? Wont be using the equipment long or don’t have a 60% to 70% utility for the piece of equipment?

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