Buying used homes or new homes? Is it worth it?

This is more of our opinion based on what we have observed the housing market in the Central Valley.
We have seen small homes that were selling in the mid to low 100’s now selling upper 200’s to low 300’s!
I’m sure you have asked yourself, Is this home worth it? Will prices continue to climb to the point of unaffordable? Should I sell my home? Should I buy now before it is to late?

In my opinion the picking is slim and what is available many of the times is closer to a shack than to your dream home all for the whopping price of several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Example of homes near my neighborhood, empty lot almost costing as much as my brand new home in 2016, mobile homes and a home in disrepair

To answer some of your questions. NO prices aren’t going to drop anytime soon and if they do it isn’t going be by much, this it the new reality of our economy, but there is hope to would be buyers! You will need to be patient but not for prices….. You’ll need to be patient for a new home. Yes, a new home!
New home prices are extremely comparable to those of old shacks and clunker houses at the moment! We say it is better to pay low 400’s for a brand new up to code, modern, fully loaded semi custom to your liking home than high 300’s for something that needs repairs and is lived in.

Example of a builder building new homes in the central valley is YanezHomes and Yanez Construction, They have been building New Homes in Reedley, Woodlake and in Orange Cove.

YanezHomes start at 400’s range and go up from there but even the higher end homes are very worth it, these new homes are designed with large living spaces perfect for growing families, large families that like to socialize and gather, and if you aren’t there yet and are living the bachelor life then large spaces to have gathering with all your friends. The point is that they build there homes to be lived and are designed to be your little oasis.

We recommend to buy New homes in Woodlake or New homes in Reedley please visit for more information.

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